Performance Department is a service designed to help people find the right professional path. We provide guidance to professionals from varying fields, backgrounds and experience levels.
Whether you’re seeking advice in your ongoing job search, perspective on a mid-career industry change or guidance on general professional development, we can assist you.
Helping you understand your options and evaluating challenging professional decisions.
In addition to providing resources, and recommending tactics for securing a great job.
Whether you are choosing your first job or considering a change, we can guide you through the process. Helping you assess your skill set, identify your professional goals and advise you about potential career matches.

Finding and growing in a job that aligns with your interests, personal goals and core values can help you feel fulfilled in your career. However, it can feel challenging to recognize and attain the right opportunity. If you are unsure which professional direction to take, we’re here to help.

Where to begin
If you are not sure what to do in your current position or want to learn more about your career options, we can help. Talk with us to get resources and advice that will help you get started.
You are not happy with your field
If you are looking for something different than what your industry currently offers, we can help you find your professional passion so you will know how to get more out of your current job or decide which field might be better for you.

Defining a new career path
While you might have started out with a career path in mind, it is normal for your long term-goals to change. We can help you map out a career path so you will feel more in control of your professional life.
You seek advice on progressing your current career
If you want to maximize your potential for growth, you could benefit from our team. Our experienced job coaching team can help you explore options for advancement and advise you on how to get the most out of your career.